BPP 2ND YEAR NOTE 2015 (EDU English Medium)



Q.1:-What do you mean by open learning?

Ans:-The education which is given outside the formal system. This is mainly for the de-institutionalized students willing to pursue education. This type of education has flexibility in content, organization, methodsduration, timing and place of education to suit the different needs of various people. That is called open learning.

Q.2:- Why do you think that education is important?

Ans:-Education is very important. Through education which man develops his thinking and reasoning, problem solving ability and creativity intelligence and aptitude, positive sentiments and skills, good value and attitude. Education modifies the behavior of an individual. Thus, the entire life of man is nothing but a process of education.

Q.3:-What are the characteristics of formal education?

Ans:-Formal education is imported through the educational institution like school, colleges, and university.

There are some characteristics of formal education. They are as:-

(1).This education has a particular goal.

(2).It is teacher dominated.

(3).It has fixed curriculum.

(4).It is examination oriented.

(5).After completion of this education the learner gets a degree, diploma and certificate.

Q.4:-what are the characteristics of informal education?

Ans:-Informal education is incidental education and it has no predetermined plan.

 There are some characteristics of informal education. They are as:-

(1).This education is not pre-planned.

(2).This is life-long process.

(3).There is no fixed curriculum, no specific method of teaching.

(4).There is no examination.

(5).There is no certificate, degree and diploma.


Q.5:-What are the characteristics of non-formal education?

Ans:-Non-formal education is a system of education which is given outside the formal system.

 There are some characteristics of non-formal education. They are as:-

(1).Non-formal education is meant for school drop out employed or working person and many others who are looking for knowledge.

(2).This education is intended for all ages and sections of the society.

(3).This education has flexibility in content, organization, methods, time and place.

(4).It is an open learning.


Q.6:-Discuss the scope of education?

Ans:-The scope of education is limitless and very wide. Education is a process of all round development of physical, mental, moral and spiritual capacities of an individual. The scope of education is related to the manner, values morals, tastes, skills, attitudesetc. Within the scope of education many subjects are included like philosophy of education, Educationalsociology, Educationalpsychology, History of education etc. Education not only preserves but also promotes culture and creates conditions for a better world order and a better civilization.

Q.7:-Discuss the different process of Education?

Ans:-In a broad sense education is a life-long and continuous process. There are three process of education. They are as:-

(1).Bi-polar process of education.

Education is a two-way process. The teacher and the student being the two poles, the resultant process of their co-operative effort is education. The personality of the teacher influences the students in all expects. Teachers impart education and students acquire education.

(2).Tripolar process of Education.

Education is a three-way process. Education involves an interaction among the student, teacher and the social environment. The teacher tries to develop the personality of the student in the light of the needs of the student.

(3) Education is a dynamic process

Education reconstruct a new social pattern according to changing needs of time, place and society. Education helps the individual in their development as well as in the development of the society.


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